About Me

 For Courtney Warwick, motherhood and houseplants are one and the same. Being a Black mother is a title that she holds with reverence and esteem. Prior to having children of her own, whether of the human or plant variety, she was always the nurturer in her family and amongst friends, “I think that’s why I fell so in love with plants. Their care reflects so much of what I value in motherhood. Each of my kids has unique needs, just like each of my plants. You have to dedicate time and care into really learning them, and through that, I learn about myself.”

Hailing from Long Beach, CA, where she currently resides, Courtney is a true book lover, carrying one with her wherever she goes. A west coast girl to her core, hip hop is ingrained in her soul. She’s been able to merge her love of hip hop and plants with the creation of her brand, ‘I Rap To My Plants,’ where she sells various home goods. Through her BlkGirlGrnThumb Instagram account, Courtney is at home, “I feel like I’ve finally found my true calling. I can share my love of my kids, plants, and hip hop with people in one place. I don’t have to choose. I can just be me - my whole self.”